Restaurants & Café

Chinese restaurant where food is prepared by a chef specialising in Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Restaurant Kisshoro

The restaurant overlooks the Shonan Sea and Benten Bridge.
Enjoy a wide variety of dishes, from classic Chinese favourites such as Mapo Tofu and Twice cooked pork to authentic roasted pork fillet cooked in a rocket oven.
The Whitebait Garlic Claypot Fried Rice is the restaurant's most popular dish, and the fragrant aroma of garlic whets the appetite.
A wide range of alcoholic beverages to match the Chinese cuisine is also available.


This Enoshima’s sole natural hot spring emerging from 1500 meters underground, provides a unique warming experience. With breathtaking views of Sagami Bay and majestic Mt. Fuji, it offers enduring heat and moisture due to classification as “sodium chloride strong salt hot spring”. Explore the high-temperature, high-concentration carbonated springs for skin rejuvenation, amidst the serene and dynamic beauty of Shonan.
Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing spectacle of lights, water, and music, brought to life through the world's largest water pearl system. Watch as water becomes a canvas of polka dots and fog, illuminated by dynamic lights, enhancing patterns, and lasers.
Indulge in our Mediterranean cuisine featuring fresh seafood and local ingredients while overlooking the magnificent Shonan coastline.
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