By Car

Public Car Park

Four public car parks are available on the island:

[1] (Fujisawa) Kankokyokai Enoshima Parking Lot (Open for 24 hours) [Google street view]
【2】 Enoshima Nagisa Parking Area  [Google street view]
【3】Enoshima Kamome Parking Lot [Google street view]
【4】Kenei Enoshima Parking Lot [Google street view]

※ Our limited car park space is available for visitors who have made a reservation at 「Benten Spa」.For visitors who have parked at the Kankokyokai Enoshima Parking Lot and used Benten Spa, parking fees will be free for up to 5 hours. Please inform us when making a reservation.

Parking Rates
For Visitors:

For visitors who spend over 10,000 yen (1 receipt) at our hot bath facility in the main building, free parking is available for up to 4 hours for regular-sized cars in the public parking lots mentioned above ([1]-[4]), depending on the length of stay.

※ Expenses such as shareholder's benefit tickets, advance-purchased admission e-tickets, etc., are not included.
※ please present your parking ticket at the time of payment.

For Guests:

We can issue parking tickets (1,500 yen for 24 hours) that can be used at Kankokyokai Enoshima Parking Lot.
If you park in a different parking lot, you will not be eligible.

※ Presentation of your parking ticket is required.

Discount parking tickets

Exclusive discount parking tickets for [1] Kankokyokai Enoshima Parking Lot are available at the front desk.
Discount ticket: 200 yen/ hour for regular-sized car (Normal rate: 400 yen/hour for regular-sized car)
For more information, please contact the the front desk(TEL: 0466-29-0688).

※ It cannot be used in parking lots other than Kankokyokai Enoshima Parking Lot.
※ After inserting the parking ticket at the ticket gate, please insert the discount ticket.
※ There is no limit to the number of discount vouchers you can use.

By Train

Free pick-up service from the station

Shuttle buses are available between Enoshima Hotel and the following 3 train stations in Enoshima.
Please note delays may occur due to traffic conditions.

• Katase-Enoshima Station (Odakyu Line)
• Shonan Enoshima Station (Shonan Monorail)
• Enoshima Station (Enoden)

For children :
There are no child seats in the shuttle bus. For the safety of children, children under 6 years old are not allowed to use the shuttle bus without child seats. If you wish to arrange a child seat, please contact us in advance. TEL:0466-29-0688

If you wish to arrange a child seat, please contact us in advance.
※ Please note that operating hours and schedules are subject to change depending on road traffic conditions.
※ Shuttle busses may be suspended during events such as marathon races, island events, etc.